Elder delivering the 1997 Presidential Address of Sxxxxx Rxxxxx Cxxxxx Dxxxxx and later discussing it with Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and First Lady Hilary Clinton.

Elder delivering the 1997 Presidential Address of
the Society for Research in Child Development in
Washington, D.C. and earlier conversing with First
Lady Hillary Clinton about his studies of children
in hard times, rural and urban.


Elder has lectured widely over his career, both nationally and internationally. He enjoys opportunities to discuss his work with emerging scholars as well as with those well established in the field.

Below are links to presentations.


Studying Women’s Lives: Research Questions, Strategies and Lessons
Presented at a Life History Conference in Cambridge, April, 1986

The Life Course, Social Change and the Chicago Tradition
Presentation to Human Development Program at the University of California,
. . .San Francisco, January 1991

Children of the Land:
. . .Adversity & Success in Rural America
The University of Illinois, Ohio State University and the
. . .State University of New York at Albany, 1999 and 2000

Longitudinal Studies and the Life Course, the 1960s and 1970s
75th Anniversary of the Institute of Human Development,
. . .University of California, Berkeley, March 2003

The Challenge of Life Course Studies
Bronfenbrenner Lecture, Cornell University, November 2006

Hard Times in Lives
Plenary Presentation to conference on “Life in Changing Times,”
. . .Wittenberg, Germany, October 2009

Overcoming Disadvantage
Duke University Sulzberger Distinguished Lecture, February 2010

Perspectives on Youth in the Great Depression and Contemporary Recession
Munich, Germany, June 2010 and the
Annual Conference of the National Council of Family Relations,
. . .Minneapolis, November 2010


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